RemindMe Plugin included in Do 0.8.2

Set small reminders with Do

Set small reminders with Do

With the recent launch of GNOME Do 0.8.2, a plugin I wrote called RemindMe was released as well.  This small plugin allows you to set small reminders for yourself, by simply typing the reminder and a time.  You can set two types of reminders, a count down timer, like in the example image.  Or you can set a reminder for a specific time.  I’ve tried to make the plugin be extremely flexible with the time strings, so both AM/PM and 24 hour times are accepted and spaces are ignored.

By default, all reminders are allowed to be snoozed.  When the time is up, you will be presented with a small notification containing your reminder, and a button to snooze.   You can also create reminders where snooze is not allowed.

For more information about how to use the plugin, please see the wiki page where I’ve described in detail how to use the plugin.

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  • hermeschris says:

    Hey Chris,

    thanks for the great plugin: it’s very useful.
    One question: I run it on two jaunty computers, however on one of them I get the reminders in the form of notification bubble, while on the other one it comes in form of a dialog box. The latter is clearly preferable to me. Is there a way to alter the behaviour in the first case?


  • sfantu says:

    hello i just installed the plugin … it is great … i`m just learning the DO and i love it … about your plugin … it doesn`t show me the dialog box ….

    it would be nice if you added a default sound to the reminder if not the possibility to chose a sound

    Great plugin hope to make it alittle better so we can you it like an alarm and ditch the alarm clock aplication :)