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Ubuntu 8.10 & PulseAudio

I recently installed Ubuntu 8.10 (The Intrepid Ibex) on my desktop computer and was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t have any problems loading the LiveCD.  I’ve been using Ubuntu since Gutsy (7.10) on my laptop, but the LiveCD would never boot on my desktop.  I’m not quite sure if it was the strange combination of two video cards, twin monitors, Nvidia and or SiI raid chips or what, but 8.10 was the first LiveCD that actually worked on my desktop.

After getting a chance to poke around and see what’s new, I’m pretty impressed.  Usability and stability is great.  All of my hardware worked right out of the box.  Installing Nvidia’s display drivers was so simple, just a couple clicks and a reboot, and now my multiple monitors work properly.  I was also surprised to see that my printer was installed without any interaction.  All I had to do was plug in the printer during install and the drivers were installed by default!


Time to wrap things up here in Munich

I just got back to Munich last night from Berlin.  Berlin is a very cool city, which I will have to visit again sometime in the future.  Now however, it’s time to pack everything up and say good bye to Munich.  Munich has been a great home to me for the past 4 months, and I’ve had a great time here.  There’s not much that can keep me away from this city, and I’d love to come back… someday.

I’ve still got a couple of errands to run before I head out to the airport, but that time is fast approaching.

So, with this short entry, I say, “Good Bye”, to Munich and, “Hello!”, to Los Angeles!


I went to Oktoberfest yesterday with a couple of friends that I met in Germany. It’s hard to explain the level of sheer awesomeness in any amount of words, so I’ll just sum it up as: “Wow”. It was much more than I expected. It was actually more than just a beer hall drinking festival, actually. It was more of a county fair. There were lots of carnival rides, and food stands, and of course, beer halls! Actually, its like a county fair that revolves around drinking.

The beer halls were pretty amazing. There were about 8 or 10 of them, and while it’s usually very hard to get into one of them, we somehow got in. Once inside, you’re taken to a completely different world. It’s bright and very ornately decorated, and so many people you are basically standing shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone.

Even though it’s crowded, the atmosphere inside is great. Everyone is so (understandably) happy, people are singing and dancing on the tables, and pretty much everyone was very friendly. It was a great experience, and I’m glad to have some friends here in Germany that could take me. I will definitely be coming back – that’s for sure.

I’ve included some pictures after the break.

Code highlighting plugin

I found a nice code highlighting plugin, and since it’s licensed under the LGPL, I’m free to change it how I want! Which is a good thing because I had to change it a bit to fit on this page properly. Anyways, let’s try it out:

Little bit of C#

using System.Junk;
int a = 3;

Bash, anyone?

cat /dev/urandom > f.txt


Time to wrap things up here

Well, after just a little over 3 months working with Infineon Technologies, in Munich, Germany, it’s time to wrap it up and clean out my desk.  For the past 3 months I’ve had a great time working and living in Munich, and Infineon is a great place to do an Internship.  During this time I’ve definitely learned more about C#, and programming in general.  This isn’t quite the path I’d like to take in the future, but it was a good learning experience nonetheless.

For the last 3 months I’ve been developing a database driven program to create and maintain low-level flash driver firmware settings that get burned into the embedded flash controllers on Infineon’s 32bit Microcontrollers.  There, try saying that 3 times fast.  I’ve had my fair share of frustrations with C# in the last 3 months, but eventually found solutions to just about all of them.  I hope to write about some things I learned at a later time.

I’m not quite saying, “Bye” to Germany yet – I leave on the 30th.  From here, Oktoberfest starts tomorrow (!!!).  I think I’ll be heading there with a friend I met here.  Also, my mom is coming on Monday, and we’ll be going to Berlin on Friday.  After that, I fly back to Los Angeles on Tuesday!

All in all though, I’m definitely glad that I came here, and it was a great experience.

This is a blog

I decided to start a blog because..  Well, I’m not sure exactly why I wanted to make a blog.  I suppose I just want to write about things that I’m interested.  Programming, electronics, food, and other random thoughts.  Sometimes at work or at home, I find myself searching endlessly for the solution to a problem that seems simple.  When I finally do find the answer, I find myself thinking, “I should really write this down somewhere”, should being the operative word in that sentence.

Well not anymore!  I’m going to write about the small problems I have, and write about the solutions I find, in the hopes that someone else might have the same problem, and my solution might help them out.

Other than that, I will most likely be writing about random thoughts and other seeming nonsensical ramblings.